B&K Reference 20


This is a recent addition to the system, it and the Crown replaced the Pioneer receiver I was using before. It has loads of inputs and outputs, very good build quality, and a sleek appearance. I have no complaints with it, it works just as it should and does it very well.


Update 9/24/2010: This preamp has been relegated to simple input switching duty. I'm tired of dealing with 3x analog/digital conversions in my signal path, so I've decided to simplify things. It's nothing agains the B&K, it's served me very well, but I trust an external dedicated DAC more than the internal one in this unit, and it's time to move up in the world. This B&K has an interesting feature where any digital inputs are passed through onto the digital output completely unaltered. This means EQ, level adjustments, decoding, even volume adjustments have no effect. It is a 100% transparent bit-for-bit pass-through, the B&K operates solely as an input selector and nothing more. This can be viewed as both a good and bad thing, depending on where your interests lie. I was initially disappointed by this discovery, but after rolling it around in my brain for a bit I've changed my mind. This "feature" allows me to offload my EQ and processing to a device more suited to the task, and offload the volume control to the analog domain where it will be immune to quantization effects. This receiver becomes completely transparent, and what more can you ask from a piece of audio equipment?