Adire Audio Brahma 15


Ahhh, my toy. This sub is a beast, it has extremely high excursion and superb sound quality and low end extension. Anyone of you who says that 15's are "slow" or "sloppy", I dare you to find anything that makes this sub sound that way. Right now it's in a 2.5cf sealed enclosure and it's probably going to stay there. I want to try ported just for the hell of it, but there would really be nothing to gain since I don't even push it anywhere close to full output when it's sealed. Plus the low end is sick as it is, it extends into the teens without any measurable drop in output, below that I can't accurately measure since the Cadence has a 15hz subsonic filter that can't be switched off. It's really a great sub, I have no plans on getting rid of it any time soon.


The brahma is obviously the one on the right, the "baby" to the left of it is an Elemental Designs e12A sub, also regarded as one of the best super subs out there, although it's now discontinued.



And here it is in its box, talk about a huge bitch


And finally in its home, I think this picture speaks for itself. The output capability is just retarded, more than I ever use, especially while listening to music.