DIY Cables


I just started getting into this and I'm steadily getting better. All of the cables you see here were made with GLS (rca), Neutrik (1/8" male), Switchcraft (1/4" male and female), or Calrad (1/8" female) connectors, 22awg red or 26awg blue teflon coated silver plated OFC, black techflex, and 62/36/2 silver-bearing solder. In the 1/4" and 1/8" cables the wire is in a triple braid configuration, while the rcas are litz braided.





Some litz braiding in action

And the newest cable, it's a sexy blue

Here are some naked pics of it, you can see all of the braiding pretty well....that thing was a pita to braid because it's so long. The first pic is without the flash and the second pic is with, the coloring in the first pic is closer to reality, but the second pic is a little less blurry


And completed; the flash really brought the blue through the techflex, it doesn't look that blue in person, it's more like a black cable with a slight hint of blue, like what you see in the last two pics