Home Audio


Current Home System:

Source: Comcast DVR (Stereo PCM over Toslink), Samsung BD-P3600 (Stereo PCM over Toslink), Computer (E-MU 0404, Stereo PCM over Digital Coax)

Switch: B&K Reference 20 (S/PDIF in, S/PDIF out, 100% transparent digital switch)

RTA/EQ: Behringer DEQ2496 (S/PDIF in, S/PDIF out, bypassing cheap internal ADC and DAC, used for room correction)

DAC: Keces DA-131

Pre Amp: Emotiva USP-1 (used for volume control in the analog domain)

Headphone Amp: Keces HA-171

Amp: 2x Emotiva UPA-1 in dual mono configuration

Speakers: Zaph Audio ZRT 2.5 (cabinets constructed by Lee Taylor & Co)



DVR to TV: Monoprice Premium 3-RCA Component

Blu-Ray to TV: SignalCable HDMI

Computer to TV: Monoprice SVGA

DVR to B&K: Monoprice Fancy Toslink

Blu-Ray to B&K: Monoprice Fancy Toslink

Computer to B&K: Zebra Cables Digital Coax

B&K to Behringer DEQ: SonicWave Glass Toslink

Behringer DEQ to Keces DAC: SonicWave Glass Toslink

Keces DAC to Emotiva USP-1: Emotiva X-Series Analog RCA (pair)

Emotiva USP-1 to Emotiva UPA-1: Emotiva X-Series Analog RCA (pair)

Emotiva UPA-1 to Speakers: Zebra Cables ZC-SP10SD (pair)


Past Equipment:

Adire Audio Kit 81 Towers

Crown CE-1000 Stereo Amp