Adire Audio Koda 6.1


I'm very happy with this set of components, unfortunately I had to go through quite a few different sets of speakers before I found a set where could actually say that. The midbass is to die for, it's really something you have to hear to understand. I never thought a pair of 6.5s could have this much low and midbass output before. I still have yet to bottom out the mids with anything other than low frequency test tones, and I recently measured their output at 50hz at 110dB before distortion, talk about crazy! Two big thumbs up to Adire on this one.



Some pics of the Koda mid sitting next to a Focal Polyglass mid. Not only does the Koda dwarf it in size, it absolutely slaughters it in low end extension and output.


And some pics if them actually installed in the doors, I had to build 2-layer mdf spacers for these ones. I had to make the total spacer thickness 1" so the motors could clear the window, and I had to do it in 2 layers because the door panel wouldn't be able to fit over a full 1" spacer with flanges and everything, you can see that the second layer is simply a ring without any of the mounting flanges that the bottom layer has. The passive crossovers are mostly there for decoration now, they aren't hooked up but I just haven't got around to removing them yet.


Now that I've finally got plenty of midbass ability where I'm not constantly hearing distortion, I'm fighting with imaging. Switching to active definitely helped with the mid-tweet transition, I was able to increase the cutoff slope to 24dB/oct for both the mid and tweet, and play with the time correction so the huge gap between the drivers didn't lead to separation. But now that that's all taken care of I'm still fighting with getting the image in the center of the dash. I have a feeling it will be a never ending battle without switching to kicks or pods, and that's not happening, so I guess I'll just have to make the best of it.