Linear Power 2.2HV


Let me start by saying that I'm in love with this amp. To some of you out there it might not look like much, but looks aren't everything, especially with audio. It's the highest quality amp I've ever owned, and it also happens to be the most powerful 2 channel amp I've ever owned.

Its ratings are a little confusing at first, but the way I understand it is this: it's rated at a modest 25x2, it's what might be otherwise known as a "cheater amp". This simply means that in a competition, be it sound quality or spl, it is put in a 50 watt class, even though it actually does much more. It's also rated at 135x2 @ 12.5V and 185x2 @ 14.4V, both of which are at 2 or 4ohm (similar to JL's RIPS technology, but not quite as automated). These represent how much power the amp can put out with a solid test tone without overheating. The next rating is 250x2 music rms: since music is dynamic, overheating isn't nearly as much of an issue, so this is the power the amp can put out before clipping, with heat buildup not taken into account. Considering I measured the amp at 33Vrms per channel before clipping, which equates to roughly 270x2 @ 4ohm, I'd say their 250x2 rating is pretty accurate. Onto the pictures!

Here is the LP with its included fuse holder, instructions, and other fun stuff. The second picture is of it sitting next to an Avionixx 400.2 (which puts out roughly 125x2 @ 4ohm for comparison's sake)


And the best part, the internals. I don't think I'll ever get tired of looking at those T-03s


Here are some pics of it and the Cadence together in the car. These pictures were taken before I got the Arc so you'll notice that it's not there. Currently I have a small amp rack attached to the back of the seats, the Linear Power is in the same spot it's at now but mounted to the amp rack instead, the Cadence is in the same spot as well, and the Arc is mounted on the amp rack next to the Linear Power. These pictures are also with the old sub in its uncarpetted box. I'll have new pics of the install coming up shortly.