Past Equipment


Well there's a lot of stuff that should go in here, but I don't have pictures of a lot of it so you'll just have to go without. All of this stuff I owned at some point or another during the past 2 years, some of it I replaced because I was unhappy with its performance, some of it I replaced just because I was bored and ready for a change.


Pioneer Premier DEH-P750MP

This was a nice headunit, it performed well during the time that I had it. I upgraded mainly for a change, and because I wanted more processing power



Avionixx 800.2

This was a nice amp, it lived its entire life running bridged to an Elemental Designs e12A. It would get hot at times, but it never went into protection and it just kept kicking like a good amp. I upgraded this as a part of an entire system overhaul, I was just ready for something new.



Elemental Designs e12A

This was a fun little sub. It started life in a 1cf box powered by the Avionixx 800.2 and it did decent. I was pretty disappointed with the low end though, so I decided to port it. It did great ported, tons of output, still very punchy, but the low end was a bit too powerful now (I'm picky). It was replaced by the Adire Audio Brahma 15 partially because I was ready for something new, and partially because I'm really a sealed box person at heart, and I wanted a sub that could give me the output and low end that I wanted without having to port it.


Here it is in between boxes, the ported box on the left isn't quite finished yet, it's still under construction

And here it is with the completed ported box, and a bunch of ex-equipement laying on the bed for some reason


Here are the newest pics I have of it, still in great condition. I'm not sure what that oxidation is from, but from what I can tell from looking around it seems pretty normal, odd as it may be. It's now living life as my home theater sub and it does great.



Focal Polyglass 165v2

Despite all the glowing reviews I read about these speakers, I really wasn't that impressed. Granted they were worlds better than the Infinity Kappas that they replaced, but they just weren't all that great in the grand scheme of things. They couldn't handle a highpass any lower than 80hz at all, and even with an 80hz highpass the mids would crap out at the slightest hint of a bass guitar or kick drum at med-high output. They were replaced by the Adire Audio Kodas because I was disappointed with their performance and I don't regret that decision for a second.


Here it is during the install sitting next to an Infinity Kappa 60.5cs mid. The Kappas were terrible speakers, anyone out there looking to buy a set of components I urge you to steer far away from Infinity, much better can be had for the price.



Here are a few pics of the setup as a whole. You can see the e12A, Avionixx 800.2, and US Acoustics 4085 in these pics



Avionixx 400.2

(pictures on the deadening and Linear Power pages, it looks exactly like the 800.2)

This was a nice amp, I was actually very happy with it. It's probably my favorite piece of equipment that's not currently in the car. It had good power, good sound, it got warm but never hot and never went into protection, I was just very pleased with it. I replaced it once with the Linear Power because I was ready for something new, then I put it back in the car on the tweeters when I went active, then replaced it again with the Arc because I was ready for something new again. It served me well and never gave me any problems.


US Acoustics USA-4085

Only one word can describe this amp properly, "paperweight". I hated this thing, it put out power yes, probably its rated power even, but it sounded like crap, it went into thermal protection driving 4 4ohm speakers at moderate volume (stable at 2ohm stereo my ass), and it had a horrible static problem on the rear 2 channels that I tried desperately to fix but never got better until I switched amps. I think that about sums up my experience with this POS. I wouldn't recommend anything made by US Acoustics to anyone out there, from what I hear their 2ch and mono amps are decent, but after experiencing the crapfest that was the 4085 (and reading horror stories similar to mine ALL over the net), I can't feel confident recommending anything made by this company to anyone.


Infinity Kappa 60.5cs and 652.5i

I figured I would lump these 2 sets into one review because they pretty much sounded the same. The midbass was extremely lacking from both sets, the tweets were harsh, and...well...what else is there to say? When I say the midbass was lacking, I really mean it was practially nonexistant. At one point I figured I would try a little EQing to see if that fixed my problem, so I went into the para EQ, selected 80hz (the speakers were highpassed at 63hz at this time I believe), and started turning it up. To my amazement there wasn't a single change in the sound coming out of the speakers until the amp started clipping, it was ridiculous. The only explanation I can come up with is that Infinity integrated a highpass filter into the passive network, one with an F3 well into the 1-200hz range. These speakers lasted a whopping 2 months in my car before I swapped them out for the Focals, which were like heaven in comparison (and if you read my review on the Focals, you can see I wasn't exactly fond of them either, which shows just how bad the Kappas really were). Save your money and stay far away from Infinity's Kappa line.


I think that's about it for the last 2 years, I have had more but it was too long ago to really give a good opinion on it.