01 Nissan Sentra SE 5-spd with Performance Package


Current Mod List:

Weapon-R Intake (don't buy this pos)

Hotshot 4-2-1 Header

HKS Catback

Energy Suspension Motor Mounts

B&M Short Throw Shifter

Tein Basic Coilovers

Yokohama AVS ES-100 Tires


I've got a few pics, I'll put them in chronological order starting with the oldest


April 02 - Ah my first sentra, which some old lady decided to take away from me by pulling out of a parking lot without looking. It was still basically stock at the time except for the grill and an intake



May 02 - Alright, so that sentra is gone (that was fast), onto #2. At this point all #2 has is 35% Llumar window tint, a new grill custom made by yours truly, and the same intake that was on #1



Summer 02 - Time for some side markers


Fall 02 - Now she's got a little windshield decal thing and some www.b15sentra.net stickers


December 02 - At this point it's got a B&M short shifter and Progress springs. The shifter is amazing, and the springs gave it a 2" drop front and rear, but after it settled the rear was more like 2.5", it always looked a bit odd, sort of like the car was trying to do a wheelie all the time



August 03 - It's been over a year since I got her and it's finally time for exhaust, things are moving pretty slow. In the meantime it got some Energy Suspension motor mounts to help with the throttle response and wheel hop. This is the HKS Super Dragger catback. Install was incredibly easy, anyone who goes to a shop and actually pays them to install this is a sucker



Fall 03 - Time for a header, this is the Hotshot Performance 4-2-1 header, basically the only decent one made for this car. Install was a PITA, especially since I did the whole thing by myself using nothing but a set of wrenches and sockets in the parking garage on the school campus. I ended up snapping a stud and had to limp it up to the to dealership so they could drill it out and replace it.

Summer 04 - Got some Yokohama AVS ES-100s on there, that's about it. The truck is my friend's F-150

July 04 - Ahh here we go, finally ditched the Progress springs for something real, Tein coilovers. The ride is great, the adjustability is great, they're an improvement over the Progress in every way possible (except for the price)


Februrary 05 - The most recent pics I have, taken just 9 hours ago. The coilovers have settled out a bit and given it a nice stance, I'm very happy with them. Performance has taken a backseat to audio in the last 8 months or so, in fact I doubt I'll be putting any more performance stuff on this car at all. The only things left would be cams, flywheel, clutch, etc, and I just don't want to spend the money to have those installed (everything up to now has been installed by me), I'll just wait until I get out of college and get a real job so I can get a real car.


June 07 - Well, the time for a "real car" has come, and she's pretty. I've decided to keep the sentra around as a daily driver though, no reason to throw away a perfectly good car for an amount that should be considered stealing.