Emotiva UPA-1


9/24/10: I don't plan on doing an entire review here. I've gotten lazy with those (you know how life gets), but I will give a teaser. I purchased a pair of these amps to replace my Crown CE-1000 on my Adire Audio Kit 81 towers. Together they run 200x2 @ 8 ohm or 350x2 @ 4ohm in a dual-mono setup. This is about 2/3 the power of the Crown, but I am absolutely blown away by the sound quality improvement. These amps are absolutely effortless, transparent, and open. They really bring new life to songs that the Crown just muddied up. I bought them to compliment my tower upgrade (Zaph Audio ZRT 2.5), and am thoroughly disappointed that I didn't do it sooner. I am completely satisifed with these amps, and after using them for all of two days I decided to pull my B&K out of the main processing path and use an Emotiva USP-1 for volume control instead (B&K is just a transparent digital switch now).