Cadence ZRS-8


What can I say, big subs require big amps, and this amp is definitely no slouch in that department. Rated at 50rms @ 4ohm, it has a competition rating similar to that of the Linear Power, but in actuality it does closer to 375rms @ 4ohm, 750rms @ 2ohm, and 1500rms @ 1ohm. I'm of course running it at 1ohm, and it has yet to get anything other than luke warm to the touch. It's a nice amp, I'm happy with it



And one picture of it sitting next to an Avionixx 800.2, like I said before, big subs require BIG amps

Here are a few internal shots I just took recently. 22.5mF of internal capacitance, 20 output transistors (wish I could find the model number without destroying them). All in all it looks solid, I was expecting a bit more, but I'm not disappointed. That heatsink in the center is a beast, it easily accounts for the majority of the amp's weight.