ZRT 2.5 Project

I've been using the Adire Kit81s for long enough (going on 7 years), so it's time to upgrade. After plenty of research, I decided to build a set of speakers around the Scan Speak Revelator line. The research put into these drivers has always humbled me, everything about them screams perfection.

I had originally decided to design my own cabinets, using the Behringer DCX2496 as an active crossover with a powerful 6-channel amp to power them. I even bought the midranges (12M/4531G) and midbasses (18S/8531G) to use in the towers, and had completely designed the cabinets from the ground up in CAD software. Unfortunately, after this point I lost interest. I had my heart set on the R2904 tweeters, but I never could justify spending $800+ for a pair of tweaters, and then another $2000+ for an amp to power it all.

3 years later, I finally decided this project was never going to move forward, so I started looking again. While on Madisound, I stumbled across the Zaph ZRT 2.5 kit. I spent some time on Zaph's site, and came to appreciate the dedication he has for this hobby, and the time he has put into the ZRT 2.5 kit. I already had the four midbasses required, so I decided to bite the bullet and go the rest of the way. I called Madisound, and they allowed me to purchase the ZRT 2.5 kit (with 10% discount) minus the four 18W/8531G drivers I already had. I then contacted Lee Taylor about building the 65L vented cabinets specified by Zaph.

Once everything arrived, I started the assembly and got them running in a couple of days.